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Director's Message 


We are one of the leading online education provider in the world. We have catered to students across UK, US, UAE, India, South East Asia and Africa. At Futurite Online Schools, our world class teachers are well versed with delivering online sessions across the age group (Year 1 to Year 13).

Our excellent student to teacher ratio allows for an interactive, engaging and fun learning experience for the children. Before inducting any new student we organize an online assessment to understand the child's ability and customize our delivery accordingly. 

Our philosophy is to ensure all the children are taught appropriate to the grade level and those who are behind the curve are provided extra sessions to bring them at par with the group. Our instructors are available for any learning needs beyond the stipulated time slots, ensuring that each child’s individualistic learning is not lost in the group approach. We welcome our future students to accompany us in our journey.

Our Philosophy

Our Educational philosophy or beliefs are centered and adapted around the timeless methods of ancient Indian Education System called Gurukula. Here the Guru (Teacher) and Shishya (Student) develop a bond beyond the Teacher Student relationship.


We believe every child is unique and has their own individual learning journey. Traditional schools owing to constraints are not able to identify individual student needs or cater to their requirements. Their cookie cutter approach for teaching kids is an outdated remnant from Industrial era.


At Futurite Online Schools, we address these shortcomings of traditional schools and much more.

Our History

Futurite Online School started out to address the shortcomings of traditional schools. We heard parents complaining about paying exorbitant fees only to send their kids to supplementary educational institutes to address the child’s shortcomings.

We wanted to address the above shortcomings through an online school which delivers high quality education at affordable price. We have a proven track record of delivering GCSE and CBSE curriculum across Year 1 to Year 13. With centers across the world, we have prepared countless students to face any challenges the future might hold.

We offer a digitized education for an every increasing digitized world.