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How Crucial GCSE Grades are for a Student?

When someone looks for a potential secondary school for a child, GCSE seems to be an important prospect. GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) is one of the primary qualifications taken by the students of 14-16 years old. Experts from online schools in Dubai and even in other places consider that GCSE results play an imperative role in the academic journey of a child, and it has an impact on different aspects also.

This post makes an effort to see how crucial GCSE grades are for a student.

  • GCSE Determine the Sixth form Child Go To: The entry requisites for college and school sixth forms differ – starting from four to five C grades (as per the new grading system of GCSE). The overall performance of GCSE works as an indicator of how well the students have done in A-level as well as in other advanced studies. To be precise, it is considered as the only concrete evidence of the academic competencies of a child that any colleges have to go on. Several sixth forms make use of the scoring system, based on the GCSE grades to foresee how good result a child can do.

  • GCSE Influence the Forthcoming Qualifications Students Can Take: In some cases, it is seen that the sixth forms suggest that a student can’t be allowed for a specific subject until he/she has secured a minimum of grade A (precisely to be 6 or 7) in that particular subject at GCSE level. In case, the grades are Cs (ranging between 4 and 5), going for A-levels or others Advanced Higher Education could make things difficult for the student. The sixth form, on the contrary, can let the student offer vocational courses like the qualification of BTEC Level 3. Dubai Online GCSE School and even in other places help students to eliminate this hurdle so that they can pursue or study their choice of subject in higher studies.

  • GCSE Grades Might Limit the Universities a Student Can Apply: Some leading academic universities ask for high A-level grades or AAB for most of their course to pursue. As there is a connection between GCSE and A-level results, it will be down to the student to prove that he/she can score higher grades. Grade B and C are suggestive of Cs and Ds at A-level that are not always adequate to get in some of the leading universities. Higher the level of university and course, higher the number of high-achieving students with top GCSE marks applying. Online School in Dubai and even in other places helps students to score according grades so that they get to pursue the educational qualification from their desired university.

  • GCSE Grades Help in Assessing the Eligibility for University Course: Irrespective of the subject that a student wants to, most of the university courses look at least C grade scores in English, maths, and also in science. In some cases, universities go beyond and ask about the specific subjects at GCSE with the respective grades, so make sure to have detailed information before you get. GCSE schools like Futurite online school help to keep things in order and also empower students to study their desired subject from the University of their choice. They also focus on homeschooling and distance learning in the age of pandemic, which is extremely important for safety concerns.

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